1. Weird & Omoshiroi

    Well, without seeing the weird and the dark side of japan, your journey is not complete.
    Otaku, Akiboys, Harajuku Girls, sex museums are part of the society.

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  2. Travel & Leisure

    A Guide to Temples, Shrines,Gardens,Castles,,Hot Springs,Historic Districts,Theme Parks,Open Air Museums,Winter Sports, Skiing and snowboarding in Japan.

  3. Culture & Tradition

    Japanese modern socitey with ancient traditions and elegance with Kimono, Yukata, Geisha, Blossoms, Autumn Leaves, Sumo,Festivals,Cormorant Fishing

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    Edmund Garman

  4. Food & Drinks

    The Flavors of Curry, Gyudon,Okonomiyaki,Ramen,Sashimi,Sushi,Tempura,Yakitori and the best of all Wasabi to top up many dishes!

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    Dennis Wong

  5. Entertainment & Fun

    The way Japanese pass their free time, be it singing in a Karaoke, Reading Manga and Anime,Movies,Amusement Parks,Pachinko

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  6. Etiquette & Manners

    The very basics of Japanese mannerism which is very much part of Japanese society. Using Chopsticks, Taking bath, Greeting People, Sitting Techniques.

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  7. Arts & Music

    Explore the world of Bonsai,Calligraphy,Dolls,Ikebana,Origami, Poetry,Drums,Pop Culture and Tea ceremony

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  8. History

    Explore the history of both ancient and modern japan from 10,000 BC to the current day.
    From Paleolithic era to Meiji Era, from the feudal and shogunate’s to democracy.

Jumon Period (10000 BC – 300 BC)

Traditional Japanese legend maintains that Japan was founded in 600 BC by the Emperor Jimmu, a direct descendent of the sun goddess and ancestor of present ruling imperial family whose rein is called Jumon period. Jumon people were hunters, gatherers …

Paleolithic Period (10000BC)

Japanese Island has probably been occupied by humans for at least 30,000 years, if not longer. However 10,000 years ago, some of the archeological evidence shows the early formation of tribes, their consolidation into scattered political entities, the establishment of …

Faune & Flora

Ranging all the way from Sub arctic Hokkaido to Sub-tropic Okinawa, the Japanese archipelago exhibits variety of flora and fauna. Flora of Japan is marked by large variety of native plant species, around 4,500 reflecting the great diversity of climate. …

General Population

Japan is the world 10th most populous country after China, India, US, Indonesia, Brazil, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Russia and Nigeria. It has population of 127,417,244 (2005), of which 99% of the people are Japanese. Only 1% consists of Korean, 511,262,Chinese 244,241, …

Weather & Climate

The climate of Japan varies from tropical in south to cool temperate in north. Although summers are temperate everywhere, the climate in winter varies sharply from cold in the north to mild in south. Sapporo on the northern island has …

Land & People

This country is variously described as – NIHON, NIPPON and of course Japan. NIHON and NIPPON literally mean “the sun’s origin”, and are often translated as the “Land of the Rising Sun”. Japan is not the name used for their …

Finding your way around the streets of Tokyo

It is not difficult to loose yourself in the streets of Japan, especially Tokyo….but finding your way back isn’t difficult either…thanks to the extensive road signs/maps on the streets and the extremely helpful people that I have come across so …