Faune & Flora

Ranging all the way from Sub arctic Hokkaido to Sub-tropic Okinawa, the Japanese archipelago exhibits variety of flora and fauna. Flora of Japan is marked by large variety of native plant species, around 4,500 reflecting the great diversity of climate. The plant best represent Japan is Sakura (cherry tree), which bloom with the onset of spring. Cherry blossom is long awaited by the Japanese and celebrations of Hanami (flower viewing) are enjoyed with fun and food. Ume- Plum blossom, an early sign of spring, Momiji- maple tree with most spectacular autumn colors widely used as a decorative tree in gardens, Matsu-pine tree, green throughout the year symbolizes youth and longevity, is popular for bonsai, Take- bamboo, a symbol of strength and longevity, is a quickly growing, evergreen tree, widely used in art and craft of Japan.

Japanese fauna varies from sub arctic Hokkaido to sub- tropical Okinawa. Southeast Asiatic tropical animals are coral fish, turtles and sea snakes. Temperate zone Korean and Chinese animals are sea lions, fur seals and beaked whales. Siberian sub arctic region flourishes walrus. Serpent eagles, the flying fox and variable lizard are the land animals of tropical zone. The raccoon dog (tanuki), sika deer and mandarian duck belongs to Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu with temperate climate and brown bear, hazel grouse and common lizard are from sub-arctic region.

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