Discover the Spirit Of Japan.

So its just time, finishing the History of Japan, to write about the places me and my friends have visited. The times we had together and what we plan to do in future.

Let me start with a video from Japan Tourism Agency which pretty much summarizes Japan ,its culture and people living here.

It depicts some of the clips from Awa Dance Festival which became popular during the Kamakura period when people prepared themselves for harvesting season.The song which is generally sung during the dance is called ” Awa Yoshikono” and has been known to originate in Kyushu region. Well, I am aware how many friends hearing that word, have a smile, a feeling of Nostalgia and emotions run high.

Kyushu to be specific , is my home town. I studied there for two years and that’s where it all began,”My Discovery of Japan.”

The Lyrics of the first verse are:
Awa no dono sama hachisuka-kou ga ima ni nokoseshi awa odori
What Awa’s Lord Hachisuka left us to the present day is Awa Odori

Please enjoy the video!

If you feel like you can always pitch in with the occasional Awa Yoshikono chant.

踊る阿呆に       Odoru ahou ni          The dancers are fools
見る阿呆          Miru ahou                The watchers are fools
同じ阿呆なら    Onaji ahou nara        Both are fools alike so
踊らな損、損   Odorana son, son     Why not dance?

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